Wire Wrapped Amegreen Pendulum


This pendulum has a wire wrapped Amegreen tumbled stone as the focus. It is on a handmade chain with Amethyst beads along the length and has a sterling silver spiral as the clutch. This pendulum measures 8 1/2 inches end to end.

Gemstone Energetic Properties

Amegreen is a combination stone of both purple and green Amethyst (Prasiolite). It is an Earth and Air stone associated with the heart and crown chakras. Amegreen is a stone of calm and peace. It helps to sooth and heal emotional wounds as well as help to connect the heart and mind. It can enhance psychic abilities and spiritual connections as well.

Amethyst is an Air element stone associated with the crown, third eye and throat chakras. It is a very spiritually protective and purifying stone that helps to bring about tranquility. This stone can aid meditation and enhance intuition and clarity. It can help determine the reasons for certain emotional patterns and habits to enable a person to break free from the ones that impact us negatively.

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